Where To Go Shopping In Nairobi

The Hub

Shopping at The Hub is one of the best experiences when it comes to malls around Nairobi. Located in the leafy suburbs of Karen the Hub was recently open in 2016. The design of the mall was an architectural masterpiece although some would say they didn’t make use of most of the space. For first timers, it can be confusing as it is very big and spacious. The mood of the hub is very unique as it is chilled out and very relaxing. If you are a foodie then no doubt you are in the right place, with over 10 different restaurants of different cuisine you can’t visit the hub without having something to eat. They have the first ever French supermarket in Kenya which gives the shoppers a taste of the Kenyan and French products. They run discounts and deals on a number of items which is a plus for shoppers. One last thing that stands out from the rest is the kids sections that they have heavily invested in. they have a specific floor where more than half of the stalls are for fun and games for the children.

The Junction Mall

The organization levels in this particular mall leave you speechless from the parking lots to the shopping stalls, to the banking areas and food court this is simply amazing. Signs are clearly labeled out and if you are feeling lost the mall attendants are keen to help out. With a strategic location along Ngong road, the junction mall serves a vast diverse number of people from all walks of life. This is one mall that has utilized the space well, even the corridors have been used as areas for stalls. They have one of the best cinema Cineplex in Nairobi that has been well maintained over the years the mall has been in existence. With Nakumatt being the dominant supermarket in this mall you are sure to find it all under one roof. They have a great shopping experience for the people who choose to visit this mall. One recommendation that I would give is to increase the number of Kids activities around the mall, that way they will have put into consideration audience of all ages.

Village Market

Village market just as the name depicts is a market for the community around, it started out as a mall for the residents around and has with time become a household brand. This Mall has been in existence since the 90s and keeps giving impeccable standards for shoppers. It has quite a number of unique shops and is known to be the only mall that has a comic book store. The environment is very attractive especially for the people who are lovers of are. The food court leaves a lot to be desired in terms of space allocation however, it can get a bit cramped on Sundays and public holidays. The architectural design of the mall can be a bit confusing even for the people who have frequently be there. Once you get used to the place it feels just like home.  With the changing times and completion from upcoming more modern malls, the village market had stood the test of time.

Maasai Market

This is a Kenyan market that came up due to the demand od Kenyan/ African artistic products. Maasai market is open only on selected number of days of the week and at select locations. The one that has the biggest crowd attraction is normally on the weekends at the CBD close to the high court. These are Kenyan traders some of whom hand make the artistic items on sale. From jewelry to clothes to paintings and even household artistic lampshades this market keeps coming up with new innovative creations every other day. One good thing is that the traders are always open for further price negotiations making it affordable not