Staying Safe In Nairobi

Safety is a major concern to anyone moving to a new place or town and it’s always important to know the safety precautions to take. Nairobi is a safe place but you need to take some precaution to ensure that you are safe and your belongings are intact. Here are tips on how to help you stay in Nairobi and any other place.

The most common crime in Nairobi is theft, phone snatching being the order of the day. When using public buses or even taxis, please ensure that your windows are closed and if you to leave the window open, minimise phone usage. Phone snatchers cross the road pretending to be pedestrians with the intention to snatch phones from unsuspecting passengers. It is much safer to use taxis to town than public means but if you want to take a bus then be sure to keep your belongings safe and far from reach.

Don’t accept lifts from people you don’t know and preferably use Uber as you get the full details of drivers. Ensure that you don’t leave any of your valuables in the taxis and buses as chances of getting them back are low. If you are walking in town with a backpack you need to be extra careful to ensure that it’s not easy for someone to unzip it. Perhaps you can put your money, phone and maybe toiletries in a small bag and carry it in front of you and the rest can be in your backpack.  If you happen to get lost and unable to find your way around, it’s always advisable to ask for directions from a security guard as opposed to stopping a random person on the streets.

There is a lot of reckless driving in Nairobi and this is largely associated with Matatus and buses.  There is constant overlapping and speeding which puts you at risk whether you are a passenger or a pedestrian. You need to be careful when walking on sidewalks as some Matatus will attempt to drive along the sidewalks. If you are driving, make sure that you stick to the speed limit so that you don’t find yourself at loggerheads with the police.  If you observe the mentioned safety precautions, then you are good to go.