Where To Shop Online In Kenya

As the UK have Amazon, the USA has E-bay and Kenya have quite a number of online stores such as Jumia, Rupu, Kilimall, OLX Kenya and Pigia Me just to mention a few.


Jumia is an online shopping mall to say the least. They have a wide array of items to select from mens’ ware, to ladies’ clothes, to kids toys they cater for all age groups and gender. Not only do they provide clothing but they also have a variety of electronics to choose from phones, computers, tablets, Tvs, cameras and also Audio appliances. Jumia occasionally have black Friday sales where items are sold for a hugely discounted price, this is one of the reasons that has seen them grow rapidly in the Kenyan market.


Kilimall is one of the most efficient online shop in Kenya. Once you place your order they give you a time frame of when your goods will be delivered and believe it or not they will have your delivery before the due date. They have very affordable prices and sell genuine products to their customers. Talk about exceptional customer service, all feedback is appreciated weather positive or negative. Any complaints on products delivered is worked on to ensure the client is happy with their service. Their service delivery is one this that other online shopping companies should emulate.


This is one company that got it right, they made sure they have directly integrated with the people to ensure they are able to give Kenyans what they want. How it works is a bit different from the other online stores. Whereas the online stores will dwell on giving you brand new products, on OLX you can sell used good and services. It enables people across Kenya to sell items they no longer need. Simply take a picture of the item, give a brief description of what you are selling, leave your contact and let the items sell itself as you take a back seat.  Both you and the company get to make a profit.


Rupu was the pioneer of online shopping malls in Kenya, it has dominated the market for quite some time and is now looking to divers and venture out into other products and services.  Being the first company in the market its was faced with quite a number of challenges however they were able to raise to the challenge and keep going strong. They have a wide variety of items on offer. They have recently introduces p promo which offers amazing deals and helps you save on a lot more. Having teamed up with various industries to be able to provide unique and exclusive deals for their clients I must say they are well on to becoming the best online shopping experience.

Pigia me

This is basically an online classifieds platform. Long gone are the days that you would have to wait for the papers just to get the latest advertisements on the classifieds. Lifer made much simpler as customers only have to go through ‘Pigia Me’ to get what they are in search of.  With Pigia me you can’t go wrong. They take the time to ensure that they give their clients nothing short of the best money can offer. With quite a number of fake products in the market they go through the trouble of ensuring items are legit so that their clients don’t have to worry about being ripped off.