Money and Costs

The unit of currency in Kenya is the shilling (Ksh) and both the dollar and the pound are easy to change from anywhere in the city. There are several forex bureaus in different places in Nairobi and you can also change from the bank. However, the bureaus would be the best option as they offer much better rates than banks. You can change your money from the airport as there are some exchange counters on the baggage claims section.  To make your movement in Nairobi more convenient, ensure that you have your money both in cash and debit or credit card as well.  There are some places such as marketplaces where the credit cards are not useful.  Your spending entirely depends on your itinerary of activities that you have planned for. If you plan to travel to see the various sites in Nairobi, then the cost will be high.

Public transport might be the cheapest way to get around Nairobi. Matatus prices vary depending on the route, the time of day and the distance.  However, all prices range from 30Kes- 100Kes. Before boarding the bus or matatu inquire from the conductors how much it costs. When going for shopping you will notice that there is a big difference in prices of items.  You need to keep in mind that the cheaper option is not always the best quality. The major supermarkets in Nairobi such as Nakumatt, Tuskys, and Uchumi sell a lot of imported goods. Malls are a bit expensive and to save cost you might want to consider visiting the local markets. Bargaining is a part of the culture in Kenya and this is common in open markets. Accommodation is not cheap and it varies depending on the location. Nairobi may not the cheapest town to live in but you will be sure to enjoy your stay here.